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Editing Services

All genres in the MG, YA, and Adult Fiction ranges (including flash fiction and short stories) are welcome as well as nonfiction works such as articles, essays, dissertations, legal documents, and blog posts. Sorry, I do not work on screenplays or poetry.

The Full (substantive) Edit is a combination of a substantive edit and a copy edit. Copy editing, also known as proofreading, focuses on spelling, grammar, word-repetition, and syntax errors. This includes the correct formatting of your entire manuscript as well. Substantive edits focus on spotting structural issues within the story, such as plot, pacing, voice, character development, and fact-checking. Unlike the other editors, I also offer alternative words and phrases as replacement or suggestions after correction.

The full edit is a 2-step process. First, I will provide the substantive edits in the form of comments and line-by-line markups, which you can use in revising your manuscript. After you’re done with the necessary revision, resubmit your MS for a copy edit/proof-reading. They are applied directly on the manuscript provided. Please note that my service does not include a rewrite (also known as ghost-writing or co-authoring). However, I will provide alternative words and sentences to show how they can be changed.

Many writers already have the necessary skills to edit their own work but need a bit of brushing up when it comes to grammar or punctuation. In that case, I would recommend a 20-30 page Partial Edit instead of a full manuscript edit. Then you can study the techniques and advice I suggest and apply them during your own edit.

The Query Letter Package includes critique and edit for a query letter, 1-page synopsis, 2-3-page synopsis (some agencies require different lengths). It’s a 2-step process as in the full edit. First, I will critique and return the first draft. When you have revised them, you resubmit for a full, final edit.

All genres in the MG, YA, and Adult Fiction ranges (including flash fiction and short stories) are welcome. Nonfiction works such as articles and blog posts will depend on the subject. Sorry, I do not work on screenplays or poetry.

My turnaround time varies on length of the project and my schedule. A full edit for an average-length novel (70k-100k words) takes approximately 3 weeks from the day I start the edit. The final copy edit takes 3-5 days. However, the total turnaround depends on the time writers take on their revision in between the first edit and the final edit.


*My rates are based on the standard fees according to the Editorial Freelancers Association*

Full Edit. Four U.S. dollars ($4) per double-spaced page. Please use size 12 font, Times or Times New Roman, and 1-inch margin according to the standard manuscript format. Also, a critique of your query letter and synopsis is included in the Full Edit package of an average length novel (60k+).

Proofreading/copy edit. Two U.S. dollar ($2) per double-spaced page.

Query Letter Package. Fifty U.S. dollars($50).

Please contact me for a quote on blog post and articles as the price may vary.

If you would like a sample of my work, I will critique and edit the first three (3) pages of your manuscript for free. There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase in order to get the free sample. This is a good way for you to determine if my work is satisfactory and suitable for your book.

Payment must be made via Paypal, in advance. There will be no refunds once the work has been completed. I will also provide a signed Privacy Agreement Contract to ensure that you have peace of mind in sharing your work with me. I will never discuss or share any part of your work without your written permission. Please feel free to contact me for a quote, or to ask any other questions that you may have, at sirraedits@gmail.com.

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    I am world’s worst speller, spellcheck is my best friend and a good professional editor all the best.

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